About the Designer - Nancy Halverson

Nancy Halvorsen

I have been interested in creating, drawing and sewing since I was a little girl. I made dolls and doll furniture by hand before I was old enough to use a sewing machine. My mother did some quilting with her friends when I was young, and I remember playing under the quilt frame while she quilted. As I got older I experimented with all sorts of creative outlets including sewing, drawing, woodcrafts and even pottery and stained glass. I also became very interested in interior design. Several years ago I started an interior design business. In reality, it was just another outlet for my artistic yearnings with the added bonus of it being a business.

A friend who was teaching a class on hand piecing and hand quilting introduced me to quilting. I was comfortable working with fabric because I had done a lot of sewing in the past, but that was my first experience putting together different fabrics to make up a wall hanging.

It didn't take long before I was having fun designing my own quilts. I am drawn to art quilts because I enjoy putting together my love for all sorts of artistic expression into tham. When I first started designing quilts, I was just making them for myself, but when so many people asked me where the designs had come from I decided to try publishing a few pattern packets. I felt comfortable self-publishing my patterns as I worked for a printer all through high school and college, until I was married. I originally took four pattern packets to my local quilt shops. They were all very enthusiastic and encouraged me to continue designing and to attend Quilt Market. That's when things really took off! I've been in business since the spring of 1992 and have loved every minute of it.

My Inspiration:
I get my inspiration for my designs absolutely everywhere. Often times it will be something that is totally unrelated to quilting that will spark an idea. But mostly, I love putting together different colors, prints and textures, the unexpected results of the fabric combinations is of unending fascination to me.

For more on Nancy Halvorsen and her Art to Heart products and books visit www.arttoheart.com.Article courtesy of Benartex.com.

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