About the Designer - Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts

Edyta’s love for fabric began at a very young age - when she used her mother’s newly hung drapes to create her first fabric project! Fortunately for all of us, her mother recognized her passion for fabric and thus began the journey with fabric and sewing. Creating beautiful gowns ushered Edyta into creative textile design and established the building blocks which lead her into a quilting adventure.

One of Edyta’s biggest blessings is her marriage to husband, Michael. She not only fell in love, she was introduced to the family tradition of quilting by her mother-in-law, Carol, and grandmother-in-law, Anna.

With more than 64 years of quilting experience to share, Grandma Anna taught Edyta the basics for hand quilting and scrap piecing. Her first sewing machine was a wedding gift from her Mother-in-law, Carol, which Edyta still has and her daughters, Anna and Delfina, love to use. “Mom (Carol) is my biggest fan, always cheering me on, encouraging me to take steps beyond limits and take on any project.”

Quilting has enabled Edyta to express herself; her designs are the avenue to release artistic passion! The combination of inspiration from nature, a love for fabric, a keen eye for color, and her family teachings blended into the recipe for developing a flourishing talent for designing quilts and quilting patterns.

“My children and my husband are my greatest motivation, providing the basis that you can accomplish anything you want if you just set your mind to it. Being able to do what I love and share this love with others is the greatest feeling and reward I could imagine! This is the Cinderella dream for me.”


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